Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Three Reasons To Purchase Collision Insurance

Robin King

Out of the many options you have for upgrading your car insurance beyond the bare minimum, car collision insurance is one of the most important. Check out these 3 reasons to upgrade your collision insurance.

They Pay for Many Collision Expenses

The coverage you get with collision car insurance is very comprehensive. First of all, they will foot the bill for your car damages, including auto body work and mechanical repairs. They can also cover a tow to the repair shop after a collision.

If your car will need to be in the shop for awhile, contact your car insurance carrier to get a rental car that you can use in the meanwhile. In short, they will save you from possibly paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. You will only be liable for paying your deductible.

They Put On the Pressure During a Not-at-Fault Accident

If you aren't at fault for an accident, your auto insurance company will still provide valuable services if you are insured with collision coverage. They will still pay for the repairs, minus the deductible cost. Then, they will go through the process of subrogation. They will demand compensation from the other party's insurance carrier. Then, they will pay you back your deductible once you're found to be not at fault for the accident. Car insurance carriers usually make the process go much faster once they get involved, because they are eager to be repaid for the expenses they covered for you. Without the help of your insurance carrier, you may be left with the frustrating process of trying to put pressure on the other party's insurance carrier yourself; they might not give you as much attention because you're not their client.

They Provide At-Fault Coverage

If, on the other hand, you are found to be at fault, the other person's insurance company will not owe you anything. In that case, all of your expenses will come out of pocket. That is, unless you have collision insurance. That part of your auto insurance policy is designed to protect your own vehicle in a collision.

You may see now that auto collision insurance is a good idea because it limits your expenses and saves you a lot of stress during the aftermath of a collision. Hopefully you don't wait and through the negotiations of car accident alone before deciding that collision insurances worth the extra expense. For more information, contact companies like Matlack & Company.


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