Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

How To Get Car Insurance When The Title Is Not In Your Name

Robin King

In order to be able to legally drive a car that you have purchased you need insurance but getting coverage isn't always convenient in such a situation. Normally auto dealers make it easy for car buyers to obtain auto insurance, but when you lack proper vehicle title and registration you will be asked lots of questions and there could be some lingering delays. In short, auto insurance companies can only provide coverage to vehicle owners or other parties that have some type of verifiable connection to the car in question. This is how you can get coverage for you new automobile even if you have to wait to get it titled and registered in your name.

Look For Temporary Car Insurance

You can get auto insurance on a vehicle that you have purchased but don't yet have the title and registration in hand for if you purchase a temporary auto insurance policy. These kinds of auto coverage policies can cover drivers, owners and finance companies who need a small window of time to make changes pertaining to vehicle registry. For example, if you go out of state to buy a car and need to drive it home legally you can opt for a temporary auto insurance policy by either having the finance company list you as an approved driver or by buying a policy in your name. Since temporary car insurance doesn't last longer than a month this option is affordable and convenient as well.

Add The Vehicle Onto Your Existing Auto Coverage Policy

It can be a lot easier to get vehicle insurance on a car that you still need to get a new title and registration card for when you work with the same auto insurer that you have a current policy with. Let your car insurance agent know that you are in the middle of a car sale and have to get insurance for the vehicle you are about to purchase before you are able to take possession of it. Most times the auto insurance agent will be able to tell you what you can do to facilitate adding the vehicle to your policy and within a few minutes you should have an updated car insurance card faxed or emailed over.

Fax Over The Bill Of Sale

With a vehicle purchase bill of sale that names you as the owner both title and registration as well as insurance requirements will be much easier to satisfy. A valid bill of sale is often all that is needed to get a title in your name, and then obtaining vehicle registration is just a matter of going through inspection and paying a nominal fee. When it comes to obtaining car insurance for a vehicle quickly, faxing the bill of sale will definitely make it possible for you to get insurance added without any delay. 

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