Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

2 Things That Will Raise Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Robin King

Everyone needs to get insurance on their car. This is just a part of life and car ownership. In fact, in many situations you are required to carry insurance by the state to protect yourself and others. Even though many people have auto insurance, they may not always understand how it works. Here are some things that you should know about why you pay the amount that you do in insurance:

1. Teenagers Could Hike Up Your Premiums

If you have children that drive you should expect to see a rise in your insurance. Teenagers brains aren't fully developed, which means that they aren't as good of drivers as a mature adult. In addition, the fact that they just don't have as much experience contributes to the fact that they will pay more in insurance premiums. This is one reason why you will pay more on your insurance until your child is either off of your insurance plan or until they get older, like late 20's.

One way to defray the cost of car insurance for your teen is to turn in their grades each quarter. Every time they get a report card that has A's and B's it will give you a good student discount. The idea behind it is if the child is responsible enough to perform well in school, they will hopefully be a better driver.

2. Your Car Is New, Foreign Made, Or Expensive

Another thing that will affect the amount that you pay in car insurance is the make, model, year, and cost of the car. If you choose to purchase a domestic made car that is easy to get parts for, has simple repairs, and is an affordable price, you won't overpay for insurance. The insurance cost will be reasonable because if you were to damage the car, the insurance company wouldn't have to pay out the nose to fix it.

Alternatively, if you choose an expensive sports car that is very unique, hard to get parts for, and costs a lot to fix, you will obviously pay more in insurance. This is for a couple reasons. This car not only is expensive to fix, but it can also become a target. You might be more susceptible to vandalism and car theft if you have a fancy, highly popular car.

By understanding these things that can raise your insurance premium costs you can be prepared for any hike in insurance. Contact a company like LA Insurance for more information and assistance. 


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