Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

4 Situations Where Your Home Insurance Will Save You

Robin King

Think you don't need a good home insurance policy? There are many situations where this type of insurance can help save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't make the mistake of not protecting one of the biggest purchases you ever made since home insurance will protect you in these situations. 

House Fire

A fire can happen when you least expect it with it often being out of your control. That's because fires are not limited to kitchen fires caused by accidents. You could end up having lightning strike your home, a neighbor's home catch on fire that spreads to yours, or an electrical problem in your home that results in flames. Fires can also range from flames that are contained to a single room to your entire home burning down to the ground.

Roof Damage

Your roof is designed to protect your home from the weather, but the roofing material can become damaged easily in certain situations. For example, hail can rain down on a roof and cause a lot of damage to the surface. In some situations, the shingles will need replacement because so many have been damaged. Strong winds can also pass by your home and cause shingles to be ripped off the surface, which will require replacement. In either situation, home insurance will help cover the replacement after you pay your deductible.


The idea of someone breaking into your home can be quite scary, which is why home security systems are so popular. Unfortunately, a security system may not be enough to cover the damage that is caused by a break-in. Home insurance can help you recover from your losses by replacing items that are stolen and repairing damage caused to your home. 

Personal Injuries 

Were you aware that your home insurance policy actually provides coverage for personal injuries that happen on your property? If someone suffers from a slip and fall and sustains significant injuries, they may try to sue you for the damages that were caused. Thankfully, home insurance policies also provide liability coverage, so you'll have protection from the lawsuit and medical bills that they are trying to claim to limit their financial losses. 

If you're concerned about these things happening to you, then it's time to get a good home insurance policy that will give you the coverage that you need. Speak with a homeowners insurance agent to make sure you fully understand the limits of your home insurance policy. 


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