Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Keeping Low Cost Coverage When Supplementing Your Income As A Gig Worker

Robin King

Gig workers tend to have to hit the pavement each and every day in order to make the money necessary to sustain their life. For those who have families and large bills such as rent, food, and utility payments, each day is dedicated to figuring out just how much they need to make in order to make ends meet at the end of the month. If you are finding your wings as a gig worker, you may know how different it is from being fulltime employed with a company and getting the same paycheck each week. Here are a few ways to keep your insurance and self-care bills low enough to sustain a gig income. 

Join medical discount programs

Keeping health care coverage is important, especially since you will be out and about more often and in more places as a gig worker. One of the ways that you can keep your insurance costs low is to join discount medical programs. There are discount programs that you can join in order to decrease the cost of dental care, prescription medication, and more. The best thing about these discount clubs is that they are free. Often, you will just need to plug in some information to get started. Carry the discount cards with you when you are getting any service or order medicine in order to get a discount on your medical needs. 

See medical insurance broker

Doing the research for a personal medical insurance policy can take hours and hours of your time. As a gig worker, time is money and you will need to be able to spend this time on your jobs. Instead of researching and doing the facts and figures by yourself, see a medical insurance broker. Insurance brokers are skilled at knowing what each medical policy includes and what you and your family will need to have in the policy to meet your basic needs. Discuss your income and budget, plus any current medical needs with your insurance broker so that they can get a medical insurance plan that adequately covers your family. 

Beef up your car's insurance policy

As a gig worker, you will be in your car more often than normal. Whether you choose to do deliveries, take customers as a rideshare operator, or help customers with physical tasks, you will constantly be going from place to place. Call your car insurance company to ask about a larger policy and more liability insurance. In the event that something happens to you while working in your car, your medical bills and recovery time can be covered.


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