Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Factors That Influence Premiums For Commercial Truck Insurance Policy

Robin King

Commercial truckers are required to purchase and maintain insurance policies on their trucks. Just like private motorists, they must get quotes for insurance premiums and choose policies that will serve them well during their trucking careers.

However, a number of factors can influence how much you should pay each month for your commercial trucker insurance. These are some circumstances that are considered when determining your premiums for your commercial truck insurance policy.

Truck Size

The size and weight of your rig will greatly influence how much money you pay for your commercial trucker insurance. If you drive a gasoline tanker, for example, or a double or triple hauler, you can expect to pay more for your insurance than if you were to drive a dump truck. Your insurer may consider larger trucks and trucks that haul flammable liquids and gases to be greater liabilities.

Likewise, the weight of your truck also will determine your commercial truck insurance premium. As a general rule, the heavier your truck, the higher your premium will be. Heavier trucks take more effort to bring to a halt and can be more challenging to manage on the road. They pose a greater risk to public safety.

Driving History

Likewise, your history as a commercial truck driver will come into play when your insurer determines your commercial trucker insurance premium. If you are a new truck driver, especially one that has driven for only a few years, you can expect to pay more for a commercial truck insurance policy. New truck drivers are still learning how to manage their rigs and pose a higher risk to other motorists.

However, if you are an experienced truck driver with several years or decades of driving history to your credit, you can pay less for your insurance premium. Your commercial truck insurance provider may not charge you as much because you have a proven record for safety and avoiding accidents during your truck driving career.

These are some factors that influence how much you can expect to pay for your commercial trucker insurance premium each month. The size, weight, and purpose of your rig will determine how much of a liability that you pose to the public while driving. Your insurer may charge more if you drive heavy trucks or trucks filled with flammable materials. Likewise, your driving history will influence the price that your commercial truck insurance provider charges you. Contact a commercial truck insurance service for more information. 


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