Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Three Ways An Insurance Damages Expert Will Help Your Company

Robin King

When you are engaged in insurance litigation, you may need to seek the opinion of an insurance damages expert. This individual can act as an expert witness who will give their opinion on whether or not damages are covered and serve as an expert on the insurance industry.

1. They Will Find Out the Origin of the Damages

You will need to determine the origin of the damages that the policyholder has experienced or that the policyholder is liable for. For example, a homeowner might submit a claim asserting that their property became damaged as a result of a powerful storm and that the insurance provider should now compensate them for the damages.

However, an insurance damages expert might conduct an investigation and find out that the home was more likely to be damaged by a separate event and might use this as a justification to have the claim denied.

2. Thy Will Calculate the Actual Damages

In other cases, the claim does not have to be denied but the damages that are being claimed are larger than the actual damages. It might not be as expensive to repair the home as the policyholder claims. The investigation by the insurance damages expert can be used as a justification to reduce the settlement offered by the insurance claims adjuster.

3. Prove Your Case in Court

If the other party still insists that they should be entitled to compensation for the damages they have suffered, they might decide to take you to court. If this is the case, you will need to call upon an insurance damages expert to help you win the case in court. 

The insurance damages expert is required to write a report in a language that is easy for the other party to understand and they will be asked questions that they must answer. The reports that are issued to the court will be written in such a way that they will not contradict each other. They will form an opinion and they will support the opinion using facts.

If you are not sure how an insurance damages expert will be able to help your case, make sure to consult with them beforehand. The insurance damages expert will need time to investigate the case and gather evidence. They will also need to be informed about the types of arguments that the other party will make so they can better help you both inside and outside the courtroom.


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