Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Looking For A Home Insurance Policy? Here Are Your Choices

Robin King

There are various types of homeowner's insurance products in the market. The most appropriate one depends on the design of the home you own and your other insurance needs. It is advisable to shop around and carefully assess the products in the market before choosing the most appropriate one for your needs. Note that you might not access some products because of your unique living situation. Understanding all these rules helps you make the right choice of insurer and premium. Here are the top three options to consider.

Primary Home Insurance

This is the most basic insurance coverage or HO-1 you can get for your home. The insurer covers the cash value of the house but nothing else. It protects your home against losses that may occur as a result of common incidents like fire and lightning, windstorms, explosions, theft, freezing plumbing issues, and hailstorms, among others. The insurance company might not compensate you if you suffer losses from calamities not listed among what the policy covers.

Insurance Coverage for Renters

The insurance product covers more than the primary form of insurance. It is also known as the content broad for insurance and is for people renting a condo or apartment. It covers everything you have inside the apartment and its replacement cost. The policy covers risks like earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, nuclear accidents, and neglect. Some insurers will also include your living expenses in case your rented property becomes unavailable to reside in because of the mentioned perils. However, the policy often doesn't have liability coverage. That said, it is still the best product when renting property.

Insurance for Condo and Apartment Owners 

The unit owner's cover is the product you should get when you own an apartment or condo. In most cases, the homeowners association will have HOA insurance. The premium covers certain parts of the building. Additionally, you can purchase coverage for everything not included in the homeowner's insurance. This insurance product will give you coverage for renovations and upgrades that you make to the unit, loss of unit usage after a calamity, and personal liabilities. The insurance service provider can give you a comprehensive overview of what the product covers to help you decide if it is an excellent product.

The type of home you have and liabilities you might be exposed to should guide you in choosing homeowners insurance. Consult a local home insurance service provider and find out the products they have in store. It will help you get the ideal one for your needs.


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