Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

Know What Your Comprehensive Coverage Does And Doesn't Cover

Robin King

Are you considering if you need comprehensive auto insurance coverage? If so, you'll definitely want to know more about what it does and does not cover so you can decide if it's worth it.

What Comprehensive Insurance Will Cover

The main coverage you'll get with comprehensive insurance is from theft. If anyone were to steal your car and it was not recoverable, you will receive the cash value of your vehicle and be able to put it toward buying a new one. If the vehicle is recovered, you would have any sort of vandalism to the car covered as well so that you are protected in either situation.

You'll also have protection from natural disasters. This includes floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even storm damage. If you have an object fall onto your vehicle from a storm, such as a large tree limb, comprehensive coverage has you covered. You also have coverage from other falling objects, like rocks that may hit your car's windshield and crack it.

Coverage is also provided if you were to hit an animal while driving your car. This makes sense since the deal is not really a stationary object, but it's not a vehicle either.

What Comprehensive Insurance Will Not Cover

You won't have any coverage if you were to collide with another vehicle that was in motion or parked. You would need collision coverage for this type of damage, which is another type of coverage you can purchase.

Medical insurance is not covered for you or your passengers if you were to get into an accident. You can purchase MedPay insurance or PIP insurance if you want to. The key difference between these two is that MedPay covers other passengers that you are driving with, while PIP covers other losses associated with an injury.

Any personal property that is stolen or damaged in your car is not covered either. This is actually covered by your renters or homeowners insurance, as it protects items even if they are not located in your home. 

Damage that is caused by normal wear and tear does not have any coverage, and you cannot buy coverage through your insurance provider either. It is on you to maintain your vehicle and make sure that it is serviced regularly, or else you'll end up with big repairs to deal with. Of course, some parts have their own warranties that come with them or that you can purchase, such as road hazard insurance for tires. 


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