Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

  • Defense Base Act Insurance: The Ins And Outs

    So, you've just won a contract with the United States Department of Defense? Congratulations! But do you have everything you need to start working on your project legally? The US government, especially the Department of Defense, has numerous requirements for contractors and employees who wish to work with them outside the country. One of these is the defense base act insurance.  This piece delves more into this type of insurance to help you decide if it's necessary for your scenario.

  • Six Things Not To Do When You Choose A Home Insurance Policy

    As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do to protect the investment you make in your home is purchase home insurance. If you're still paying off a mortgage, your mortgage lender will probably even require you to purchase home insurance. It's important to select your home insurance coverage wisely. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes make costly mistakes regarding their home insurance choices. The following are six things not to do when you choose a home insurance policy to avoid costly problems as a homeowner.

  • Is Your Home Covered For Tornadoes?

    You may wonder if your homeowners insurance policy covers high wind events like tornadoes. While tornadoes can happen anywhere in the country, coverage may be limited in tornado-prone areas. If you live in an area that gets strong storms, you may have limits on related damage as well. If you wonder if you have tornado coverage, read on to learn more about how insurance covers them. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tornadoes?

  • Thinking of Becoming a Rideshare Driver? Get Your Auto Insurance in Order

    Working in your spare time as a rideshare driver is an excellent way to earn extra money, but it is incredibly important that you are prepared for this part-time role if you want to protect yourself. Step one in safeguarding yourself involves ensuring you have the right knowledge when it comes to proper insurance coverage. Personal Coverage is Necessary One good thing about working with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft is the fact that they offer added auto insurance protection for their drivers.

  • Why You Should Buy Home Insurance From Your Current Insurance Provider

    One of the requirements of closing on a new house purchase is having a homeowner's insurance plan in place before closing. If you want to buy a house, you need to buy a home insurance plan before your scheduled mortgage closing appointment. You can buy home insurance from any company that offers it, but it is often best to purchase it from your current insurance provider even if you're only getting auto insurance from them.

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