Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult

  • Why You Should Buy Home Insurance From Your Current Insurance Provider

    One of the requirements of closing on a new house purchase is having a homeowner's insurance plan in place before closing. If you want to buy a house, you need to buy a home insurance plan before your scheduled mortgage closing appointment. You can buy home insurance from any company that offers it, but it is often best to purchase it from your current insurance provider even if you're only getting auto insurance from them.

  • Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Liability Insurance for Your Business

    As a business owner, you likely always have your mind on your bottom line and how you can continue to grow. But far too many small business owners don't spend enough time thinking about something that could have a very negative effect on that bottom line and stunt that growth. A workplace accident or any kind of incident that leaves your company liable for property damage or bodily injury could turn your entire business upside down.

  • Four Ways Parents Of Teen Drivers Can Lower Their Insurance Premiums

    If you're like most parents with a teenager who is about to start driving, you're probably experiencing a combination of relief, happiness, and apprehension. You're relieved because this is the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to being on the hook for providing your teen with transportation to activities and events and happy because it marks a milestone on your child's journey to adulthood. However, you're probably also experiencing significant apprehension for several different reasons, and one of these reasons is likely to be that you're concerned that your insurance premiums will skyrocket as the result of having a teen driver in the home.

  • What to Evaluate When You Renew Your Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance coverage typically runs for one year. A lot can change in one year, so you shouldn't renew your coverage automatically at the end of the current policy. Here are some of the things to evaluate before you renew your auto insurance coverage. Coverage Review your coverage to confirm whether you still need the same coverage or you should modify your coverage. For example, it's advisable to increase your coverage limit if:

  • The Importance Of Getting Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

    Every car on the road should have some form of protection through auto insurance. Given a chance to forego paying for vehicle insurance, many drivers would probably take that option. Some individuals want to pay for insurance at its bare minimum, while others possibly do it because it is a legal requirement. However, insurance coverage offers much more than just a gate pass past the traffic officers. Here are a few reasons to convince you that having an adequate insurance policy protects you while on the road.

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